Jeff Kellmer Private Jeweler

After 72 years as Philadelphia’s leading retail jeweler, my family made the decision to close the Jack Kellmer Company stores forever. Once the announcement had been made, we were overwhelmed by the sentiments shared by our customers, both old and new. So many of the memories people graciously shared about shopping in our stores, were often followed by their great concerns about where they would go for their jewelry needs. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I announce; I will be carrying on the family legacy with a new business venture of my own.

With more than 10 years of experience in the family business and enduring relationships with so many people, I look forward to the privilege of being your personal jeweler. Of course, what makes this an even more exciting endeavor, is some of the Jack Kellmer Company’s best sales professionals will be a part of my team. I am honored that Susan Marcus and Betty Fitoussi will be working with me. We have continued to maintain strong relationships with the world’s most acclaimed jewelry designers and renowned manufacturers, allowing us access to all that they have to offer. Due primarily to the innovative style in which our private jewelry business will be conducted, our pricing will continue to be competitive- more so than we ever imagined.